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PluginImageModelRelease DateDescriptionAvailableWorking
AI Chatbot Builder (ChatGPT Plugin)AI Chatbot Builder.pngGPT-4June 14, 2023Build AI chatbots with ALL your business content, in a secure/business-grade platform.YesYes
AI Showcase (ChatGPT Plugin)AI Showcase.jpgGPT-4??? 2023Discover the perfect AI tool for your personal and business needs with AI Showcase.NoNo
Ai Tool Hunt (ChatGPT Plugin)Ai Tool Hunt.pngGPT-4May 21, 2023Explore the ideal AI solutions for all use cases, drawn from the most comprehensive global database of AI tools.YesYes
Document AI (ChatGPT Plugin)Document AI.jpegGPT-4June 16, 2023The only Document AI that shows you where it got your answer from.YesYes
Gate2AI (ChatGPT Plugin)Gate2AI.pngGPT-4June 11, 2023Discover the perfect AI tools for your needs.YesYes
HighPerplexity (ChatGPT Plugin)HighPerplexity.pngGPT-4June 4, 2023Integrates with highPerplexity and executes any prompts you need.YesYes
HumanInf (ChatGPT Plugin)HumanInf.pngGPT-4June 11, 2023Humanize AI content through paraphrasing.YesYes
Lsong AI (ChatGPT Plugin)Lsong AI.pngGPT-4June 7, 2023Lsong's AI provides AI-powered content like news, images, music, movies, weather, stories, memes, and more.YesYes
Mantium (ChatGPT Plugin)Mantium.jpgGPT-4June 9, 2023Fetch user-created applications from Mantium and retrieve relevant info based on user queries.YesYes
OpenTools AI (ChatGPT Plugin)OpenTools AI.jpegGPT-4June 14, 2023Find the right AI tools for your needs from the largest collection on the web.YesYes
There's An AI For That (ChatGPT Plugin)There's An AI For That.pngGPT-4May 20, 2023Find the right AI tools for any use case, from the world's largest database of AI tools.YesYes
Your AI Council (ChatGPT Plugin)Your AI Council.jpegGPT-4June 4, 2023The AI council assesses queries through various agents, offering insights from many perspectives.YesYes