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Artificial intelligence / AI apps

Content Generation (Text-to-Text)


Writing Assistants


Image Generation (Text-to-Image)

Video Generation (Text-to-Video)

  • Synthesia - videos with AI avatars
  • Lumen5 - turn blog posts into marketing videos

Audio Generation (Text-to-Audio)




Amazon Textract



  • Bria - Stockphoto manipulation


  • D-ID - create speaking portrait videos


Search Engines

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Music Creation

Software Development

AI Content Detectors

AI Content Detectors


Language learning


Other Text-based Apps

Other Image-based Apps

Other Video-based App

  • - automatically repurpose existing video content to other social media platforms
  • Eightify - summarizes YouTube videos
  • Wonder Studio - add CG characters to live action scenes


Biology and Medicine

Model Deployment

Model Training


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Product Type Description URL
AutoDraw Drawing Assistant AI-assisted drawing tool that guesses what you're trying to draw and offers professionally designed options.
Caktus Text-to-Text An AI tool that helps with schoolwork, including writing essays, fixing grammar, creating citations, and aiding in STEM and coding tasks.
Deep Nostalgia Image-to-Animation A creepy tool that adds animation to faces in photos, resulting in unsettling, lifelike images.
D-ID Text-to-Text A platform that allows users to choose an avatar and interact with chat GPT for inspiration and advice.
Do Not Pay Legal Assistant The world's first robot lawyer, assisting with a wide range of legal situations.
Eleven Labs Voice Cloning Advanced voice cloning tool that creates realistic voice replicas based on uploaded recordings.
Future Tools AI Tool Database Searchable database of AI tools, with new additions daily, to stay up to date with the ever-evolving market.
Imagen (Google) Text-to-Video An impressive text-to-video generator by Google with capabilities to create realistic videos based on text prompts or uploaded images, though not yet publicly available.
Jasper AI Writing Tool Comprehensive AI writing tool that optimizes SEO, writes in 25 languages, and excels at long-form content.
Kaiber Text-to-Video A text-to-video generator that creates videos from prompts or uploaded images, with potential for improvement and use in music video creation.
Leia Pix Image-to-Animation A tool that turns photos into 3D animations by adding depth and allowing users to adjust angle, speed, and animation style.
Looka Logo Generator AI-powered branding and logo design platform that generates hundreds of customizable logo options.
Luma Labs 3D Generation A tool for creating photorealistic 3D scenes and assets in seconds, as well as importing game assets from phones into game engines.
Microsoft 365 Copilot Text-to-Text AI integration across Microsoft's suite of software, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook, to improve productivity.
Midjourney Text-to-Image AI-powered text-to-image generator that creates a wide range of images and styles through Discord chat prompts.
Mixo Website Creator AI-driven website creator that generates full landing pages, email lists, and branding elements from a single business idea.
Mubert Music Generator Free AI-generated music platform with attribution requirements for commercial use.
Notion AI Text-to-Text The integration of AI into the popular note-taking app Notion, providing writing, summarizing, and brainstorming features natively within the app.
NVIDIA Broadcast Audio/Video Processing A powerful audio and video tool that removes background noise and echoes, replaces backgrounds, auto-frames, and even adjusts eye contact to make it appear as if the user is looking directly at the camera.
NVIDIA Canvas Image Generation A fun AI tool that allows users to paint basic shapes and lines, choosing from a palette of materials to create photorealistic landscapes, including 360-degree panoramas.
NVIDIA Omniverse 3D Collaboration A suite of real-time collaboration tools for 3D artists, enabling seamless teamwork on projects.
Pimeyes Image Search A facial recognition tool that finds every photo of a user on the internet, excluding social media sites.
Poly Voice Assistant AI voice assistant platform that can resolve 50% of customer needs through phone calls without human intervention.
Reimagine Home 3D Visualization Virtual platform for testing interior and exterior design setups, like furniture and flooring, in a digital environment.
Rewind Memory Assistant A "search engine for your life" that remembers everything users have seen, said, or heard through advanced compression technology.
RunwayML Video Editing A suite of AI video editing tools, including text-to-color grade, super slow-mo, inpainting, and more, with a subscription option for higher resolution exports.
RunwayML Gen 2 Text-to-Video Recently announced text-to-video software that looks as good or better than Google's offering.
Soundraw Music Generator Highly customizable music generator for YouTube videos, podcasts, or ads, with adjustable energy levels and instrument selections.
Synthesia AI Video Creation AI-powered video creation tool that features customizable avatars and AI voices for delivering uploaded scripts.
Tome Presentation Generator AI-driven presentation generator that creates engaging text and tailor-made images based on a single prompt.
Versy Text-to-Space A groundbreaking text-to-space AI that generates customizable virtual experiences from text prompts, allowing users to connect rooms, add objects, and view from multiple angles.
Wist Labs Video-to-3D Immersive memory platform that converts videos into 3D for augmented or virtual reality experiences.
Wisdolia Learning Aid A free browser extension that creates flashcards from any website, helping users actively learn and retain information.