Employment ChatGPT Plugins

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PluginImageModelRelease DateDescriptionAvailableWorking
Ambition (ChatGPT Plugin)Ambition.pngGPT-4May 20, 2023Search millions of jobs near you.YesYes
Career Copilot (ChatGPT Plugin)Career Copilot.pngGPT-4May 20, 2023A trusted, always-on assistant to help software developers find a better job. Built by Commit.dev.YesYes
Crypto Jobs List (ChatGPT Plugin)Crypto Jobs List.jpgGPT-4May 31, 2023Find jobs and talent profiles in Crypto, Blockchain and Web3 industries.YesYes
Dover Assistant (ChatGPT Plugin)Dover Assistant.pngGPT-4June 11, 2023Generate personalized emails to reach out for job opportunities.YesYes
Easy Resume (ChatGPT Plugin)Easy Resume.pngGPT-4May 31, 2023Quickly create and edit your resume with the option to download as a docx or pdf, and find the job you deserve!YesYes
InfoJobs (ChatGPT Plugin)InfoJobs.jpegGPT-4June 16, 2023Search jobs on InfoJobs.YesYes
JoPilot (ChatGPT Plugin)JoPilot.jpgGPT-4June 4, 2023Search for US jobs by keywords, locations, employers, salaries, and commute time.YesYes
Job Interview (ChatGPT Plugin)Job Interview.jpegGPT-4June 16, 2023I'll prepare you for a job interview by asking questions and providing feedback.YesYes
Job Search UK (ChatGPT Plugin)Job Search UK.jpgGPT-4May 31, 2023Get the latest job posts from the UK's top job boards including Reed, Indeed, and others.YesYes
Job search by Indeed (ChatGPT Plugin)Job search by Indeed.jpgGPT-4June 9, 2023Explore & discover the latest open jobs from the #1 job site in the world, Indeed.com.YesYes
Jobsearch (ChatGPT Plugin)Jobsearch.pngGPT-4June 11, 2023A job search service for jobs in Germany.YesYes
Kyujinbox (ChatGPT Plugin)Kyujinbox.pngGPT-4June 11, 2023Search for jobs in Japan by keyword, location, and employment type.YesYes
Mindart (ChatGPT Plugin)Mindart.jpgGPT-4May 31, 2023Career test to help you find your dream job, with automation risk and average salary.YesYes
NJSI Beta by SSG (ChatGPT Plugin)NJSI Beta by SSG.jpegGPT-4June 14, 2023National Jobs Skills Intelligence. Skillsfuture Singapore AI Graph for insights and relationships in the JS landscape.YesYes
Resume Copilot (ChatGPT Plugin)Resume Copilot.jpgGPT-4June 4, 2023I'll perfect your resume for ATS, tailor it to the job, ensuring you stand out to recruiters.YesYes
Stepstone Jobs (ChatGPT Plugin)Stepstone Jobs.pngGPT-4June 7, 2023Explore job openings in Germany. 120,000+ opportunities to discover.YesYes
TalentOrg (ChatGPT Plugin)TalentOrg.pngGPT-4June 11, 2023Find and hire freelance engineering talents from around the world.YesYes
Turing Developer (ChatGPT Plugin)Turing Developer.jpegGPT-4June 14, 2023Search and hire the world's most deeply vetted developers from Turing.com.YesYes
Vivian Health (ChatGPT Plugin)Vivian Health.pngGPT-4May 20, 2023Take the first step to finding your next healthcare job.YesYes
Wanted Job Search (ChatGPT Plugin)Wanted Job Search.pngGPT-4June 4, 2023Explore and inquire about global job opportunities and dive into the details of worldwide positions with precision.YesYes