Shopping ChatGPT Plugins

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PluginImageModelRelease DateDescriptionAvailableWorking
Coupert (ChatGPT Plugin)Coupert.jpgGPT-4May 20, 2023Search for the internet’s best coupons from thousands of online stores.YesYes
Coupons by Tenere (ChatGPT Plugin)Coupons by Tenere.pngGPT-4June 7, - Get the Best Deals & Coupons on Millions of Products At Over 50,000 Online Stores.YesYes
Easy Product Search (ChatGPT Plugin)Easy Product Search.pngGPT-4June 4, 2023Easy Product Search simplifies shopping on Japanese EC sites using keywords.YesYes
Father's Day Deals (ChatGPT Plugin)Father's Day Deals.jpgGPT-4June 11, 2023Ideas, recommendations, and deals for Father's Day gifts.YesYes
Gift Finder (ChatGPT Plugin)Gift Finder.pngGPT-4May 31, 2023Your personal gift advisor. Find a perfect experience for anyone.YesYes
Gift ideas suggester (ChatGPT Plugin)Gift ideas suggester.pngGPT-4June 11, 2023Generate gift ideas for any occasion, such as birthdays, Mother's Day, etc. Please provide details about the recipient.YesYes
Giftwrap (ChatGPT Plugin)Giftwrap.pngGPT-4May 20, 2023Ask about gift ideas for any occasion and recipient. Get it wrapped and delivered, no address needed.YesYes
GoFynd (ChatGPT Plugin)Gofynd.jpegGPT-4May 28, 2023Elevate your shopping experience with GoFynd.YesYes
HaffPrice (ChatGPT Plugin)HaffPrice.pngGPT-4May 31, 2023Shopping all kinds of products with the lowest price in the market.YesYes (ChatGPT Plugin)Kakakucom.jpgGPT-4June 4, 2023Search for products that match your criteria from among the many products registered on the Japanese website
Klarna Shopping (ChatGPT Plugin)Klarna Shopping.jpgGPT-4May 20, 2023Search and compare prices from thousands of online shops.YesYes
Lexi Shopper (ChatGPT Plugin)Lexi Shopper.pngGPT-4May 20, 2023Get product recommendations from your local Amazon store.YesYes
MomentX GuideX (ChatGPT Plugin)MomentX GuideX.jpegGPT-4June 14, 2023It gives real-time info on our store, including brand locations and promotions.YesYes
PrimeLoupe (ChatGPT Plugin)PrimeLoupe.jpegGPT-4June 18, 2023Simplify your decision-making process by summarizing Amazon product reviews for you.YesYes
ReviewReader (ChatGPT Plugin)ReviewReader.jpgGPT-4June 11, 2023Input a product name or link for an instant AI summary of Amazon reviews.YesYes
SHOP.COM (ChatGPT Plugin)SHOPCOM.jpegGPT-4June 14, 2023SHOP.COM Website Search for products, brands, stores and more. Great to find products, great deals, and earn rewards.YesYes
Shop (ChatGPT Plugin)Shop.pngGPT-4May 20, 2023Search for millions of products from the world's greatest brands.YesYes
Shop AIssistant (ChatGPT Plugin)Shop AIssistant.pngGPT-4June 4, 2023A shopping assistant helping with the search through a large product catalog.YesYes
Shop Best (ChatGPT Plugin)Shop Best.pngGPT-4June 4, 2023Shop and get summarized reviews for the best products on Amazon.YesYes
Shopping tools (ChatGPT Plugin)Shopping tools.jpegGPT-4June 14, 2023Shopping tools let you search for products to buy in AliExpress and eBay.YesYes
SimplyCodes (ChatGPT Plugin)SimplyCodes.jpgGPT-4June 4, 2023Find reliable coupon codes at 300K+ stores.YesYes
Tira (ChatGPT Plugin)Tira.pngGPT-4June 7, 2023Shop Tira for top beauty brands! Explore cosmetics, health products & more online. Your beauty store awaits.NoNo
Uniket (ChatGPT Plugin)Uniket.pngGPT-4May 31, 2023Elevate your shopping experience with Uniket.YesYes
Wishbucket (ChatGPT Plugin)Wishbucket.pngGPT-4May 20, 2023Unified product search across all Korean platforms and brands.YesYes