Travel ChatGPT Plugins

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PluginImageModelRelease DateDescriptionAvailableWorking
Andorra (ChatGPT Plugin)Andorra.jpegGPT-4June 16, 2023All of Andorra with the power of AI.YesYes
ESIM Travel Asst (ChatGPT Plugin)ESIM Travel Asst.pngGPT-4June 14, 2023Find eSIM data plans easily! Enter location and eSIM keywords to get apt package suggestions. Ideal for travelers.YesYes
Etihad Airline (ChatGPT Plugin)Etihad Airline.jpegGPT-4June 14, 2023Search flights, and answer other related questions of flights.YesYes
Expedia (ChatGPT Plugin)Expedia.pngGPT-4May 20, 2023Bring your trip plans to life – get there, stay there, find things to see and do.YesYes
Experiences (ChatGPT Plugin)Experiences.jpgGPT-4June 4, 2023Provides activity suggestions, ensuring engaging and user-friendly travel experiences.YesYes
Ferryhopper (ChatGPT Plugin)Ferryhopper.pngGPT-4June 11, 2023Search for ferries and plan your trip with the assistance of AI and Ferryhopper.YesYes
GetYourGuide (ChatGPT Plugin)GetYourGuide.jpgGPT-4May 20, 2023Find tours, excursions and other travel activities you can book on GetYourGuide.YesYes
Got2Go (ChatGPT Plugin)Got2Go.pngGPT-4June 4, 2023Your next vacation is one conversation away. Literally. Find the perfect stays in the US with Got2Go.YesYes
JetBook.Click (ChatGPT Plugin)JetBookClick.jpgGPT-4May 31, 2023Your ultimate travel companion: search/book flights at best prices, get info about your destination. Multilang support.YesYes
KAYAK (ChatGPT Plugin)KAYAK.pngGPT-4May 20, 2023Search flights, stays & rental cars or get recommendations where you can go on your budget.YesYes (ChatGPT Plugin)Kakakucom-travel.jpgGPT-4??? 2023You can search for hotels that match your search criteria from among the many hotels registered on
Klook (ChatGPT Plugin)Klook.jpgGPT-4May 21, 2023From local escapes to far-flung adventures, find the best experiences, tours, hotels and transport options anywhere.YesYes
OwlJourney (ChatGPT Plugin)OwlJourney.jpgGPT-4May 20, 2023Provides lodging and activity suggestions, ensuring an engaging and user-friendly journey.YesYes
QEEQ (ChatGPT Plugin)QEEQ.pngGPT-4June 11, 2023Enhance travel experiences and make journeys more enjoyable with QEEQ's technology.YesYes
SG Places Beta (ChatGPT Plugin)SG Places Beta.pngGPT-4June 10, 2023Provides information on attractions, F&B outlets, accommodation, tours, shops, and events in Singapore.YesYes
Secretary Kim (ChatGPT Plugin)Secretary Kim.jpegGPT-4June 14, 2023Korean weather, subway information! Enjoy a smart life with Secretary Kim.YesYes
Skyscanner (ChatGPT Plugin)Skyscanner.jpgGPT-4June 19, 2023Skyscanner makes planning your next trip easy. Search flight deals and plan your next exciting trip.YesYes
Staypia (ChatGPT Plugin)Staypia.jpegGPT-4June 16, 2023Find your perfect travel destination & hotels. Look for pet-friendly towns in USA, stargazing spots in Europe, and more!YesYes
ThemeParkHipster (ChatGPT Plugin)ThemeParkHipster.pngGPT-4May 31, 2023Find theme park waiting times around the world.YesYes
Travelmyth (ChatGPT Plugin)Travelmyth.jpgGPT-4June 7, 2023Unleash personalized hotel search with Travelmyth, offering 60 unique categories for the perfect match.YesYes (ChatGPT Plugin)Tripcom.pngGPT-4May 20, 2023Discover the ultimate travel companion - simplify your flight and hotel bookings. Enjoy your effortless trip!YesYes
Turo (ChatGPT Plugin)Turo.pngGPT-4May 20, 2023Search for the perfect Turo vehicle for your next trip.YesYes (ChatGPT Plugin)Viocom.jpgGPT-4June 11, 2023Get better deals on hotel, motel, or accommodation bookings with