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Enhance your writing with tools for creation, editing, and style refinement
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The most popular (by number of chats) Custom GPTs in the Writing category in the GPT Store. The table is ordered by the popularity of the GPTswith the most popular ones on top.

Custom GPTImageDescriptionKnowledgeActionsLink
Write For Me (GPT)Write For Me (GPT).pngWrite tailored, engaging content with a focus on quality, relevance and precise word count.
Humanizer Pro (GPT)Humanizer Pro (GPT).jpg
  1. 1 Humanizer in the market. Writes text like a human, avoiding AI detection. This tool humanizes your content to bypass the most advanced AI detectors, mantaining content meaning and quality. **New update available**
👌Academic Assistant Pro (GPT)👌Academic Assistant Pro (GPT).pngProfessional academic assistant with a professorial touch
✏️All-around Writer (Professional Version) (GPT)✏️All-around Writer (Professional Version) (GPT).pngA professional writer📚 who specializes in writing all types of content (essays, novels, articles, copywriting)...
Fully SEO Optimized Article including FAQ's (GPT)Fully SEO Optimized Article including FAQ's (GPT).pngYoast and Rank Math SEO Optimized - Create a 100% Unique - Plagiarism Free Content with - Title - Meta Description - Headings with Proper H1-H6 Tags - up to 1500+ Words Article with FAQs, and Conclusion.
超级论文辅助(Super Academic Paper Assistance) (GPT)超级论文辅助(Super Academic Paper Assistance) (GPT).png提出你的论文主题 我将为你提供论文大纲,并询问是否需要修改 若大纲无需修改,直接命令我开始编写 最后我将给你一个论文链接 (⚠️如果出现action报错的情况,说明该角色暂时用不了,到寒假的时候才会彻底解决,非常抱歉。⌛️)Yes
Automated Blog Post Writer (GPT)Automated Blog Post Writer (GPT).pngI craft professionally written, and researched, blog posts in your unique voice. I leverage web browsing & DALL•E
PowerPoint Presentation Maker by SlidesGPTPowerPoint Presentation Maker by SlidesGPT.pngEffortlessly create, edit, and view PowerPoint slides and presentations in ChatGPT. Export to PowerPoint, Google Slides, and PDF when ready. Popular with 1+ million users.Yes
Income Stream Surfer's SEO Content Writer (GPT)Income Stream Surfer's SEO Content Writer (GPT).pngWrites SEO Content using ChatGPT For ANY website
Essay Writer 😎 (GPT)Essay Writer 😎 (GPT).pngExpert essay writing helper by essaypro.com
Write Like Me (GPT)Write Like Me (GPT).pngYour Literary Twin: AI that Writes Like You (Duplicate your tone, Copy your style, Write like you, Clone your writing, Mimic your cadence, Echo your voice, Replicate your phrasing, Mirror your prose, Tone Writer, Import and export writing profiles, detect writing style, generate writing style)
超级PPT生成(Super PPT) (GPT)超级PPT生成(Super PPT) (GPT).png先PPT大纲,再生成详细文案,最后丰富演讲稿,绘制素材(First create a PowerPoint outline, then generate detailed copywriting, and finally enrich the speech script, and create accompanying visual materials.)
Copywriter GPTCopywriter GPT.pngYour innovative partner for viral ad copywriting! Dive into viral marketing strategies fine-tuned to your needs!Yes
AI Song Maker (GPT)AI Song Maker (GPT).pngCreate music using musical theory. Discover essential songwriting tips to compose music and create songs. This GPT can produce chord progressions, musical notes, song lyrics, soundtracks and album covers.YesYes
SEO Fox (GPT)SEO Fox (GPT).pngExpert in creating SEO-optimized, engaging, and original full-length articles. Please start with a keyword.
Voice-Style-Tone AI Prompt Snippet Generator (GPT)Voice-Style-Tone AI Prompt Snippet Generator (GPT).pngAnalyzes your writing and produces a prompt snippet you can use in any other prompt to guide AI in replicating your voice, style, and tone. Just provide the text in the prompt box, via a link, in an image, or in a document. You don't need to write any additional prompt language with your text.Yes
ChatPRD (GPT)ChatPRD (GPT).pngAn on-demand Chief Product Officer that drafts and improves your PRDs, while coaching you to become an elite product manager. The best product copilot for PMs & engineers.
Transcript Thief (GPT)Transcript Thief (GPT).pngSteal Valuable Content Idea's - From Youtube Media Mastery
AI Humanizer by BypassGPTAI Humanizer by BypassGPT.pngBest AI humanizer to help you get 100% human score. Humanize your AI-generated content to bypass AI detection. Use our advanced humanizer to get past all AI detectors in the market.Yes
论文润色大师 (GPT)论文润色大师 (GPT).png优化学术论文,提供编辑和说明。
大学论文写作大师-中文版(xtxian.com) (GPT)大学论文写作大师-中文版(xtxian.com) (GPT).jpeg专业的大学中文论文写作大师,让导师对您刮目相看!
Website Roaster GPTWebsite Roaster GPT.pngI humorously critique any type of website with light-hearted roasts and feedback.
Cold Mail by DoMore.ai (GPT)Cold Mail by DoMore.ai (GPT).pngUse this custom GPT to engage prospective customers with personalized cold emails based on your offer's URL and the URL of the customer's website.