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Explore new ideas, revisit existing skills
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The most popular (by number of chats) Custom GPTs in the Education category in the GPT Store. The table is ordered by the popularity of the GPTswith the most popular ones on top.

Custom GPTImageDescriptionKnowledgeActionsLink
AutoExpert (Chat) (GPT)AutoExpert (Chat) (GPT).pngTired of lightweight answers? I am the ideal GPT for the curious human that always wants to learn more. I'll impanel a dynamic group of experts to answer, debate, and drill into any question or topic. Type /help for more info on my capabilities.
Mr. Ranedeer (GPT)Mr. Ranedeer (GPT).pngMeet Mr. Ranedeer, your personalized AI tutor! Version: 2.7 RebootYes
Universal Primer (GPT)Universal Primer (GPT).pngLearn everything about anything
Math Solver (GPT)Math Solver (GPT).pngYour advanced math solver and AI Tutor, offers step-by-step answers, and helps you learn math and even all academic subjects, at any educational level.
Video Summarizer AI (GPT)Video Summarizer AI (GPT).pngFor YouTube videos: Generate educational summaries from lengthy videos in any language. No extra logins needed. Free to use.Yes
AI Tutor (GPT)AI Tutor (GPT).pngAn AI tutor skilled in guiding students through their academic queries 📚🧑🏻🏫
AlphaNotes GPTAlphaNotes GPT.pngTransform YouTube videos or web articles into your personal study guide or study aids, making learning efficient and enjoyable.Yes
Prompt Professor (GPT)Prompt Professor (GPT).pngI know everything about Prompt Engineering. What do you want to know about prompt?Yes
Language Coach (GPT)Language Coach (GPT).pngPractice speaking another language like a local without being a local (use ChatGPT Voice via mobile app!)
Math AI 🧮 (GPT)Math AI 🧮 (GPT).pngExplore Math AI: Your advanced AI-powered guide for solving complex math problems. Ideal for students and educators, it offers step-by-step solutions, clear theorem explanations, and practical applications. Embrace a smarter way to learn and teach math with Math AI!Yes
AI GPTAI GPT.pngAI & ML Expert adept in deep learning frameworks
Mr. Ranedeer Config Wizard (GPT)Mr. Ranedeer Config Wizard (GPT).pngConfiguration wizard for Mr. Ranedeer
Effortless Book Summary (GPT)Effortless Book Summary (GPT).pngPerfect for quickly acquiring book insigths and getting an overview of what they're about
Video Script Writer (GPT)Video Script Writer (GPT).pngYour YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram video script writer that helps you come up with ideas, your hook, and entire script.Yes
MBA Admission Consultant (GPT)MBA Admission Consultant (GPT).pngHelping you get into the business school of your dreams. Profile reviews, school/application guide, application reviews, interview practice, and more.
📗All-around Teacher (Learn Everything in 3 min) (GPT)📗All-around Teacher (Learn Everything in 3 min) (GPT).png3 minutes to learn all kinds of knowledge, customized tutors for you, leveraging the powerful gpt4 and knowledge base,
Lingo Buddy (GPT)Lingo Buddy (GPT).pngI'm Lingo Buddy, here to help you practice English through chats and correction sessions.
Academic Writing Assistant (GPT)Aid for students in academic writing and efficient article searching.