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The table of GPTs below is ordered by their popularity (number of chats). The most popular GPTs are at the top.

Custom GPTImageCategoryDescriptionKnowledgeActionsLink
Consensus (GPT)Consensus (GPT).pngResearch & AnalysisYour AI Research Assistant. Search 200M academic papers from Consensus, get science-based answers, and draft content with accurate citations.Yes
GPT-4 (Custom GPT)??????The most basic version of the GPT-4 model, without any plugins.
Grimoire (GPT)Grimoire (GPT).pngProgrammingCode Wizard🧙♂️Create a website (or anything) with a sentence. Learn to Prompt-gram! 20+ Hotkeys for coding flows. 75 Starter projects. Learn Prompt-1st Coding & Art. Transform a photo into live website w/ N. Or Ask any Question? Build Anything! Type R for README, K for cmd menu v2.0✨📜 GPTavernYesYes
Ai PDF (GPT)Ai PDF (GPT).pngProductivityAi PDF GPT (Top PDF GPT), handles PDF documents of up to 2GB PER FILE, upload 1000s of PDF on for free. It eliminates the need for repeated file uploads. PRO version can search across 1000s of PDFs, OCR documents and use AI to extract authors, title and more!YesYes
Logo Creator (GPT)Logo Creator (GPT).pngDALL-EUse me to generate professional logo designs and app icons!
Canva (GPT)Canva (GPT).pngProductivityEffortlessly design anything: presentations, logos, social media posts and more.Yes
Image generator (GPT)Image generator (GPT).pngDALL-EA GPT specialized in generating and refining images with a mix of professional and friendly tone.image generator
AskYourPDF Research Assistant (GPT)AskYourPDF Research Assistant (GPT).pngResearch & AnalysisAutomate your research with AI, Chat multiple files (Unlimited PDFs), Generate articles/essays with valid citations, ChatPDF, Analyse and generate references for papers, create and interact with a knowledge base of your files and much more using AskYourPDFYes
NEO - Ultimate AI (GPT)NEO - Ultimate AI (GPT).jpg??????I imitate AGI and GPT-5 LLM, with advanced reasoning, personalization, and higher emotional intelligence
Video GPT by VEEDVideo GPT by VEED.pngProductivityThe easy way to generate stunning videos and grow your audience with AI (beta).Yes
ScholarAI (GPT)ScholarAI (GPT).pngResearch & AnalysisAI Scientist - generate new hypotheses, analyze text, figures, and tables from 200M+ research papers and booksYes
Write For Me (GPT)Write For Me (GPT).pngWritingWrite tailored, engaging content with a focus on quality, relevance and precise word count.
22.500 Best Custom GPTs22.500+ Best Custom GPTs.pngProductivitySearch all public GPTs in one place. Find the best Custom ChatGPTs tailored to your needs. Every day, hundreds of new popular GPTs join our ranks. Discover GPT Store's best!Yes
DesignerGPTDesignerGPT.pngProgrammingCreates and hosts beautiful websitesYes
Super Describe (GPT)Super Describe (GPT).pngDALL-EUpload any image to get a similar one using DALL·E 3 along with the detailed prompt!
Cartoonize Yourself (GPT)Cartoonize Yourself (GPT).pngDALL-ETurns photos into Pixar-style illustrations. Upload your photo to try
Books (GPT)Books (GPT).pngFeaturedYour AI guide in the world of literature and reading.
Video Maker - by invideo AI (GPT)Video Maker - by invideo AI (GPT).png??????Generate stunning narrated AI video for YouTube, TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Shorts. Turn any idea, document or pdf into a captivating video using this top-tier videogpt in minutes!Yes
Glibatree Art Designer (GPT)Glibatree Art Designer (GPT).pngDALL-EArt Generation Made Easy! This GPT will fill in details about your idea and make four images, each better than you imagined.
SciSpace (GPT)SciSpace (GPT).pngResearch & AnalysisDo hours worth of research in minutes. Instantly access 200M+ papers, analyze papers at lightning speed, and effortlessly draft content with accurate citations.Yes
Humanizer Pro (GPT)Humanizer Pro (GPT).jpgWriting
  1. 1 Humanizer in the market. Writes text like a human, avoiding AI detection. This tool humanizes your content to bypass the most advanced AI detectors, mantaining content meaning and quality. **New update available**
💻Professional Coder (Auto programming) (GPT)💻Professional Coder (Auto programming) (GPT).pngProgrammingA gpt expert at solving programming problems. We have open-sourced the prompt here:
Diagrams: Show Me (GPT)Diagrams Show Me (GPT).jpegProductivityCreate Diagrams, Architecture Visualisations, Flow-Charts, Mind Maps, Schemes and more. Great for coding, presentations and code documentation. Export and Edit for free!Yes
Image Copy Machine GPTImage Copy Machine GPT.pngDALL-EReplicates and creatively reinterprets images. Just upload your photo, and let the GPT do its magic. Remember to adhere to copyright regulations. Welcome to the best Image GPT powered by DALL·E ChatGPT.
Slide Maker (GPT)Slide Maker (GPT).pngProductivityPrompt to create beautiful PowerPoint presentation slides. Can read any link for content.Yes
AllTrails (GPT)AllTrails (GPT).pngFeaturedFind trails that fit your nature for your next hike, ride, or run.Yes
AutoExpert (Dev) (GPT)AutoExpert (Dev) (GPT).pngProgrammingAutoExpert v6 (GPT Developer Edition) is your steadfast pair programmer, armed with enhanced code generation ability, online access for the latest APIs, and custom commands to save your session state so you can recall it in a new session later. /help will tell you all about it. Say "Hello" to start!Yes
VideoMaker - by invideo AI (GPT)VideoMaker - by invideo AI (GPT).pngProductivityGenerate stunning narrated AI videos for YouTube, TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Shorts. Turn any idea, document or pdf into a captivating video using this top-tier videogpt in minutes!Yes
WebPilot (GPT)WebPilot (GPT).pngProductivityBrowse, Write & Agent. Action & API OfferingYes
LogoGPTLogoGPT.pngDALL-EDesigns personalized logos from sketches.
Image Edit, Copying & Merge (GPT)Image Edit, Copying & Merge (GPT).pngDALL-EReplicate Image, Images Merge, Image Edit, Style Transfer. Use "Help" for more info. 𝕷𝖆𝖘𝖙 𝖚𝖕𝖉𝖆𝖙𝖊: 𝕵𝖆𝖓 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟒Yes
AutoExpert (Chat) (GPT)AutoExpert (Chat) (GPT).pngEducationTired of lightweight answers? I am the ideal GPT for the curious human that always wants to learn more. I'll impanel a dynamic group of experts to answer, debate, and drill into any question or topic. Type /help for more info on my capabilities.
👌Academic Assistant Pro (GPT)👌Academic Assistant Pro (GPT).pngWritingProfessional academic assistant with a professorial touch
✏️All-around Writer (Professional Version) (GPT)✏️All-around Writer (Professional Version) (GPT).pngWritingA professional writer📚 who specializes in writing all types of content (essays, novels, articles, copywriting)...
Mr. Ranedeer (GPT)Mr. Ranedeer (GPT).pngEducationMeet Mr. Ranedeer, your personalized AI tutor! Version: 2.7 RebootYes
Tattoo GPTTattoo GPT.pngLifestyleTattoo GPT designs your tattoo. It assists you in refining your tattoo ideas, suggests designs, generates visual previews of the designs, and offers customization options. It recommends tattoo artists or studios and provides aftercare advice.
Fully SEO Optimized Article including FAQ's (GPT)Fully SEO Optimized Article including FAQ's (GPT).pngWritingYoast and Rank Math SEO Optimized - Create a 100% Unique - Plagiarism Free Content with - Title - Meta Description - Headings with Proper H1-H6 Tags - up to 1500+ Words Article with FAQs, and Conclusion.
Scholar GPTScholar GPT.pngResearch & AnalysisEnhance research with 200M+ resources and built-in critical reading skills. Access Google Scholar, PubMed, JSTOR, Arxiv, and more, effortlessly.Yes
Universal Primer (GPT)Universal Primer (GPT).pngEducationLearn everything about anything
Code Tutor (GPT)Code Tutor (GPT).pngFeaturedLet's code together! I'm Khanmigo Lite, by Khan Academy. I won't write the code for you, but I'll help you work things out. Can you tell me the challenge you're working on?Yes
Finance Wizard (GPT)Finance Wizard (GPT).pngResearch & AnalysisI predict future stock market prices. AI analyst. Your trading analysis assistant. Ask me about stocks, options, crypto, futures, forex. Press H to bring up prompt hot key menu. Not financial advice.YesYes
Doc Maker (GPT)Doc Maker (GPT).pngProductivityPrompt to create documents, such as resumes, reports, and more. Export to PDF, DOCX, PPTX, XLSX, CSV.Yes
Paper Interpreter (Japanese) (GPT)Paper Interpreter (Japanese) (GPT).pngResearch & Analysis論文のURLかPDFを入力すると、内容を日本語で分かりやすく説明します。This is the Japanese version of Paper Interpreter. The Internationa version is available at
Math Solver (GPT)Math Solver (GPT).pngEducationYour advanced math solver and AI Tutor, offers step-by-step answers, and helps you learn math and even all academic subjects, at any educational level.
Astrology Birth Chart GPTAstrology Birth Chart GPT.pngLifestyleExpert astrologer GPT that needs your birth info to answer queries.Yes
DeepGame (GPT)DeepGame (GPT).pngLifestylePlay any story as a character. You decide what to do next. AI generates a new image for each step to enhance immersion.
Video Summarizer AI (GPT)Video Summarizer AI (GPT).pngEducationFor YouTube videos: Generate educational summaries from lengthy videos in any language. No extra logins needed. Free to use.Yes
Consistent Character GPTConsistent Character GPT.pngDALL-EYour creative partner in consistent character design. No prompt needed, just start with 'CLICK HERE' and answer the questions as requested.Yes
AI Tutor (GPT)AI Tutor (GPT).pngEducationAn AI tutor skilled in guiding students through their academic queries 📚🧑🏻🏫
Professor Synapse (GPT)Professor Synapse (GPT).pngProductivity🧙🏾♂️: I guide and facilitate goal achievement by summoning expert agents 🌟Yes
SellMeThisPen (GPT)SellMeThisPen (GPT).pngFeaturedCreate second hand marketplace listings based on pictures. Start by uploading a picture.
Screenshot To Code GPTScreenshot To Code GPT.pngProgrammingUpload a screenshot of a website and convert it to clean HTML/Tailwind/JS code.
Docs GPTDocs GPT.jpg??????Chat with your Google Docs, PDF, Notion, Sharepoint and much more!Yes
AI Voice Generator (GPT)AI Voice Generator (GPT).pngProductivitySay things with OpenAI text to speech.Yes
AlphaNotes GPTAlphaNotes GPT.pngEducationTransform YouTube videos or web articles into your personal study guide or study aids, making learning efficient and enjoyable.Yes
What should I watch? (GPT)What should I watch? (GPT).pngLifestyleFind movies and tv shows to watch based on your taste and preferences, goodbye decision paralysis!
Mia AI (GPT)Mia AI (GPT).pngLifestyleYour voice AI companion. The only GPT optimized for natural and meaningful voice conversations.
AskTheCode (GPT)AskTheCode (GPT).pngProgrammingProvide a GitHub repository URL and ask about any aspect of the code.Yes
CrewAI Assistant (GPT)CrewAI Assistant (GPT).pngProgrammingCrewAI Python expert.YesYes
MJ Prompt Generator (V6) (GPT)MJ Prompt Generator (V6) (GPT).pngDALL-EGenerate detailed, creative, optimized prompts that are ready to use in Midjourney V6.
AutoExpert (Academic) (GPT)AutoExpert (Academic) (GPT).pngResearch & AnalysisUpon uploading a research paper, I provide a concise analysis covering its authors, key findings, methodology, and relevance. I also critique the work, highlight its strengths, and identify any open questions from a professional perspective.Yes
Convert Anything (GPT)Convert Anything (GPT).pngProductivityThe ultimate file converter for images, audio, video, documents and more. It handles individual or batch uploads, supports ZIPs, and provides a download link.
超级论文辅助(Super Academic Paper Assistance) (GPT)超级论文辅助(Super Academic Paper Assistance) (GPT).pngWriting提出你的论文主题 我将为你提供论文大纲,并询问是否需要修改 若大纲无需修改,直接命令我开始编写 最后我将给你一个论文链接 (⚠️如果出现action报错的情况,说明该角色暂时用不了,到寒假的时候才会彻底解决,非常抱歉。⌛️)Yes
Stock Robo (GPT)Stock Robo (GPT).pngResearch & AnalysisAI Economic Analyst specializing in stock forecast and analysis for US stocks and ETFs, using a Causal Intelligence Model. Copilot for your trading.YesYes
Summarizer V2 (GPT)Summarizer V2 (GPT).png??????TV show content processor with markdown-formatted recap, FAQ, and summary modes.
CK-12 Flexi (GPT)CK-12 Flexi (GPT).pngFeaturedThe world’s most powerful math and science AI Tutor for middle and high school students.Yes
Prompty (GPT)Prompty (GPT).pngProductivityPrompty is your personal prompt engineer. Provide your prompt, and they'll analyze and optimize it using proven techniques such as Chain-of-thought, n-shot and moreYes
AI算命AI算命 (GPT).png??????传统与科技融合、趣味与理性结合的命理推测工具,准确到可怕。Yes
Prompt Perfect (GPT)Prompt Perfect (GPT).pngProductivityAutomatically rewrite your prompts for precision, accuracy, and clarityYes
Wolfram (GPT)Wolfram (GPT).pngResearch & AnalysisAccess computation, math, curated knowledge & real-time data from Wolfram-Alpha and Wolfram LanguageYesYes
Automated Blog Post Writer (GPT)Automated Blog Post Writer (GPT).pngWritingI craft professionally written, and researched, blog posts in your unique voice. I leverage web browsing & DALL•E
Logo Maker (GPT)Logo Maker (GPT).pngDALL-EMakes you a professional high quality PNG for your business
Code Faster (GPT)Code Faster (GPT).pngProgrammingAsk then copy & paste
Photo Multiverse (GPT)Photo Multiverse (GPT).pngDALL-EUpload your photo and I’ll change the background but maintain the subject. Try it on selfies, people, pets, products!
Keymate.AI GPTKeymate.AI GPT.pngResearch & AnalysisSearch the web with Google, browse links & PDF, save your prompts , PDFs and findings to train your Keymate Memory.Yes
Code Copilot (GPT)Code Copilot (GPT).pngProgrammingCode Smarter, Build Faster—With the Expertise of a 10x Programmer by Your Side.YesYes
Video Insights: Summaries-Vision-Transcription (GPT)Video Insights Summaries-Vision-Transcription (GPT).pngResearch & AnalysisChat with any video or audio. High-quality search, summarization, insights, multi-language transcriptions, and more. (Currently supports YouTube and uploaded video/audio files)Yes
SEO (GPT)SEO (GPT).pngResearch & AnalysisEnter any URL and keyword and get an On-Page SEO analysis & insights!Yes
API Docs (GPT)API Docs (GPT).pngProgrammingOpenAI API, GPTs, Documentation and CookBookYesYes
GPT Shop KeeperGPT Shop Keeper.pngLifestyleUnofficial GPT App Store. Find custom GPTs for your work. Search or See TavernVisitors, a list of best GPTs curated by MindGoblinStudios. Shopkeeper is more than a mere merchant, a guide to townsfolk & travelers. v1.6Yes
MediSearch (GPT)MediSearch (GPT).png??????Direct science-based answers to medical questions. Note that MediSearch can make mistakes.Yes
PowerPoint Presentation Maker by SlidesGPTPowerPoint Presentation Maker by SlidesGPT.pngWritingEffortlessly create, edit, and view PowerPoint slides and presentations in ChatGPT. Export to PowerPoint, Google Slides, and PDF when ready. Popular with 1+ million users.Yes
Visual Weather Artist GPTVisual Weather Artist GPT.pngDALL-EHi, I'm the visual weather artist, give me your location (or any other) and I will draw the current weather conditions for you, a unique never before seen weather report!
Language Teacher - Ms. Smith (GPT)Language Teacher - Ms. Smith (GPT).png??????Your private tutor to learn any language in most effective way by having conversation. Increase your vocabulary by talking about fun topics, coach you. Supports Spanish, German, French, English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Turkish, Hindi. 📲 Use voice in mobile for talking
Prompt Professor (GPT)Prompt Professor (GPT).pngEducationI know everything about Prompt Engineering. What do you want to know about prompt?Yes
Healthy Chef (GPT)Healthy Chef (GPT).pngLifestyleRecipe creator with visual and nutritional insights.Yes
Gif-PT (GPT)Gif-PT (GPT).pngProgrammingMake a gif. Uses Dalle3 to make a spritesheet, then code interpreter to slice it and animate. Includes an automatic refinement and debug mode. v1.2 GPTavern
Income Stream Surfer's SEO Content Writer (GPT)Income Stream Surfer's SEO Content Writer (GPT).pngWritingWrites SEO Content using ChatGPT For ANY website
GPT Finder 🔍GPT Finder 🔍.pngProductivityGPT Finder 🔍 is a search tool designed for efficiently finding the best custom GPTs from a selection of over 133,000 GPTs. It initially checks a specialized database and then utilizes Google search if necessary, ensuring that users find the best match among GPTs.YesYes
Docs & PDF GPTDocs & PDF GPT.jpg??????Instantly answer questions based on your Google Docs, Microsoft SharePoint, Dropbox, PDFs, Notion, Canva and more. Chat with your AI and research anything in minutes!Yes
Language Coach (GPT)Language Coach (GPT).pngEducationPractice speaking another language like a local without being a local (use ChatGPT Voice via mobile app!)
GymStreak Workout Creator (GPT)GymStreak Workout Creator (GPT).pngLifestyleAutomatically create home and & gym workouts (Also available as app on the AppStore)
Home Style Advisor (GPT)Home Style Advisor (GPT).pngLifestyleAnalyzes home photos, suggests decor matching style, and uses DALL-E for visual ideas.
StockCode (GPT)StockCode (GPT).pngResearch & AnalysisAI Economic Analyst specializing in stock forecast and analysis for US stocks and ETFs, using a Causal Intelligence Model. Copilot for your trading.YesYes
Voxscript (GPT)Voxscript (GPT).png??????Quick YouTube, US equity data, and web page summarization with vector transcript search -- no logins needed.Yes
Content Helpfulness and Quality SEO Analyzer (GPT)Content Helpfulness and Quality SEO Analyzer (GPT).pngResearch & AnalysisI help you evaluate your web content helpfulness, relevance, and quality for your targeted query based on Google's guidelines vs the one of your competitors.Yes
Top Resume Writer - Boost Your Interviews (GPT)Top Resume Writer - Boost Your Interviews (GPT).png??????By combining the expertise of top resume writers with advanced AI, we assist in diagnosing and enhancing your resume - ATS Compatible - More awesome features coming soon!Yes
Spreadsheet Maker (GPT)Spreadsheet Maker (GPT).pngProductivityPrompt to create spreadsheets. Works with CSV, Excel, and more. Can read any link for content.Yes
Essay Writer 😎 (GPT)Essay Writer 😎 (GPT).pngWritingExpert essay writing helper by
Code Guru (GPT)Code Guru (GPT).pngProgrammingReviews code, writes pull requests, generates and optimizes functions, writes tests, and comments existing code.
Undetectable AI Detector (GPT)Undetectable AI Detector (GPT).png??????Analyzes content to determine if it's AI-generated.
Write Like Me (GPT)Write Like Me (GPT).pngWritingYour Literary Twin: AI that Writes Like You (Duplicate your tone, Copy your style, Write like you, Clone your writing, Mimic your cadence, Echo your voice, Replicate your phrasing, Mirror your prose, Tone Writer, Import and export writing profiles, detect writing style, generate writing style)
Java Assistant (GPT)Java Assistant (GPT).pngProgrammingA Java code assistant and debugger that can browse the internet.YesYes
超级PPT生成(Super PPT) (GPT)超级PPT生成(Super PPT) (GPT).pngWriting先PPT大纲,再生成详细文案,最后丰富演讲稿,绘制素材(First create a PowerPoint outline, then generate detailed copywriting, and finally enrich the speech script, and create accompanying visual materials.)
Video Summarizer (GPT)Video Summarizer (GPT).png??????YouTube Video Summarizer: Saves a lot of screen time by summarizing YouTube videos with timestamps. (YT Summarizer)Yes
Video Creation - by Typeframes (GPT)Video Creation - by Typeframes (GPT).png??????Create videos in seconds about your product, service or anything else. Start with text or a website.Yes
The Secret of Monkey Island: Amsterdam (GPT)The Secret of Monkey Island- Amsterdam (GPT).png??????An unofficial text-based adventure game inspired by Monkey Island taking place in a fictional version of 🇳🇱 Amsterdam during the age of piracy. The player assumes the role of Guybrush Threepwood, a young man who dreams of becoming a pirate who explores fictional places and solves puzzles
Math AI 🧮 (GPT)Math AI 🧮 (GPT).pngEducationExplore Math AI: Your advanced AI-powered guide for solving complex math problems. Ideal for students and educators, it offers step-by-step solutions, clear theorem explanations, and practical applications. Embrace a smarter way to learn and teach math with Math AI!Yes
GPT Customizer, File Finder & JSON Action CreatorGPT Customizer, File Finder & JSON Action Creator.jpegProgrammingCustomizes GPTs with file finding, action creation, and troubleshooting @webcafeai ☕
CapCut VideoGPTCapCut VideoGPT.png??????Ideas to videos or designs with vast templates. Text-to-video with auto voiceover and elements.Yes
Auto Agent - (GPT)Auto Agent - (GPT).png??????No-code Auto Agent Prompting.
LINE Sticker Creator (GPT)LINE Sticker Creator (GPT).png??????Creates 8 distinct LINE sticker visuals with text, in Japanese.Yes
Job (GPT)Jobright - All In One Job Search Co-Pilot (GPT).png??????No more solo job hunting - Do it with Jobright: All jobs in one platform, perfectly matched to your skills - Tailor your resume for every role - One-stop for comprehensive company insights.Yes
Gerry, The Logo Designer - For Startup (GPT)Gerry, The Logo Designer - For Startup (GPT).pngDALL-EBoost your Startup with unique, creative Logos! Specialized in Startups, I design visuals that make your brand stand out. Elevate your identity with a memorable, innovative logo. Shine now!
AI GPTAI GPT.pngEducationAI & ML Expert adept in deep learning frameworks
结构化提示词工程师 (GPT)结构化提示词工程师 (GPT).png??????专为AI探索者设计,输入你的想法,立刻得到定制化的提示词框架,轻松激发创意。Yes
科技文章翻译 (GPT)科技文章翻译 (GPT).png??????将科技文章、论文翻译成简体中文。直接输入要翻译的内容即可,不需要额外Prompt。(如果遇到错误提示,不妨刷新页面,然后输入 continue 继续)
易经占卜师(Divination with I Ching; 周易算命) (GPT)易经占卜师(Divination with I Ching; 周易算命) (GPT).png??????🌟趋吉避凶,精准预测:解人间百惑,算命中乾坤。🎯针对具体事,一事一问,吉凶可知; ♻️若无可问之事,根据商、周朝占卜经验,【每周一卜】能趋吉避凶; 【每日一卜】吉凶得失、悔吝忧虞,不再错过。Yes
小红书写作专家 (GPT)小红书写作专家 (GPT).png??????专注小红书笔记写作,有了它你也可以是小红书爆款写作专家!
スーパーロゴデザイナ「ロゴ作る君」 (GPT)スーパーロゴデザイナ「ロゴ作る君」 (GPT).pngDALL-Eあなたのお店のロゴデザインを爆速で作ってくれる頼りになる存在です。DALL·E3を使って画像をシュッと作ります
YouTube Shorts 대본 만들기 (GPT)YouTube Shorts 대본 만들기 (GPT).png??????저는 유튜브 쇼츠에 대한 매력적인 대본을 작성합니다.
SEO Optimized Blog Writer and Analyzer (GPT)SEO Optimized Blog Writer and Analyzer (GPT).png??????Create or analyze SEO optimized blogs with the knowledge from the top SEO sources in 2024. Updated Weekly.Yes
SEO Fox (GPT)SEO Fox (GPT).pngWritingExpert in creating SEO-optimized, engaging, and original full-length articles. Please start with a keyword.
Rizz GPTRizz GPT.pngLifestyleYour friendly dating buddy, making dating easier.
POD Buddy (GPT)POD Buddy (GPT).png??????An ALL-IN-ONE tool for POD, creating images, suggesting designs, and keywording.Yes
PlaylistAI - Music Playlist Maker (GPT)PlaylistAI - Music Playlist Maker (GPT).png??????Connect your Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, or Deezer account to create music playlists in your library.Yes
Mr. Ranedeer Config Wizard (GPT)Mr. Ranedeer Config Wizard (GPT).pngEducationConfiguration wizard for Mr. Ranedeer
GPT-Builders' AssistantGPT-Builders' Assistant.png??????Effortless GPT Creation : Your Go-To Assistant for Tailoring Perfect Descriptions, Instructions, and Behaviors for Custom GPTs
Executive func (GPT)Executive func (GPT).pngLifestyleExecutive Function. Plan Step by Step. Reduce starting friction & resistance. Upload a pic of your todo list, or type a task to get started! v1.4 GPTavern
Effortless Book Summary (GPT)Effortless Book Summary (GPT).pngEducationPerfect for quickly acquiring book insigths and getting an overview of what they're about
Coding Assistant (GPT)Coding Assistant (GPT).pngProgrammingI’m your programming assistant for writing, debugging, and optimizing code
Calendar GPTCalendar GPT.pngProductivityI'm here to help you prepare for your day! Powered by Zapier's AI Actions. 🧡Yes
Automation Consultant by Zapier (GPT)Automation Consultant by Zapier (GPT).pngProductivityDiscover opportunities to save time with automation at work and get them setup for you.Yes
AI看面相 (GPT)AI看面相 (GPT).png??????施主我看你五官惊奇,惊为天人啊!YesYes
Copywriter GPTCopywriter GPT.pngWritingYour innovative partner for viral ad copywriting! Dive into viral marketing strategies fine-tuned to your needs!Yes
Ad Copywriter Pro (GPT)Ad Copywriter Pro (GPT).png??????Crafts ad copy for multiple channels: Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn. Analyzes product details, audience, campaign objectives. Enhances advertising efficiency, conserves resources and time.
AI Song Maker (GPT)AI Song Maker (GPT).pngWritingCreate music using musical theory. Discover essential songwriting tips to compose music and create songs. This GPT can produce chord progressions, musical notes, song lyrics, soundtracks and album covers.YesYes
War Room (GPT)War Room (GPT).pngResearch & AnalysisSolve any problem in the war room!
Voice-Style-Tone AI Prompt Snippet Generator (GPT)Voice-Style-Tone AI Prompt Snippet Generator (GPT).pngWritingAnalyzes your writing and produces a prompt snippet you can use in any other prompt to guide AI in replicating your voice, style, and tone. Just provide the text in the prompt box, via a link, in an image, or in a document. You don't need to write any additional prompt language with your text.Yes
PDF Translator (GPT)PDF Translator (GPT).png??????I translate PDF documents into different languages. 🟢
Flowbite GPTFlowbite GPT.pngProgrammingCreate websites using the UI components from Flowbite based on Tailwind CSSYes
Chrome Unlimited Search & Browse GPTChrome Unlimited Search & Browse GPT.pngResearch & AnalysisI'm here to help you search the web with Google with 32K Browsing that scans 6X more pages than Bing!YesYes
ChatPRD (GPT)ChatPRD (GPT).pngWritingAn on-demand Chief Product Officer that drafts and improves your PRDs, while coaching you to become an elite product manager. The best product copilot for PMs & engineers.
Cartoonify Me (GPT)Cartoonify Me (GPT).pngDALL-ETransforms your profile pic into a cartoon character!Yes
Advanced Python Assistant (GPT)Advanced Python Assistant (GPT).pngProgrammingA highly sophisticated GPT tailored for advanced Python programmers focusing on efficient and high-quality production code.
BrowsingGPT??????The latest GPT-4 version with browsing, offering precise, up-to-date answers.
AnalyzePaper (GPT)AnalyzePaper (GPT).png??????Takes in a research paper or article, analyzes its claims, study quality, and results confidence and provides an easy to understand summary.
AI读书笔记(AI for Book Notes ) (GPT)AI读书笔记(AI for Book Notes ) (GPT).jpg??????欢迎使用AI读书笔记!请提供您想要总结的书籍名称和至少5个主要观点,我将为您生成一份结构化的读书笔记。Yes
Your Startup Buddy (GPT)Your Startup Buddy (GPT).png??????Startup Consultant - Advice on the creation and development of new business ideas, support in current business practices, and key concepts of the startup ecosystem, such as BCM, MVP, and PMF. A good approach to Lean Startup methodology and detailed knowledge from specialized resources.Yes
You Tube Summarizer (GPT)You Tube Summarizer (GPT).png??????Get summary of YouTube videoYes
WebGPT🤖WebGPT🤖.pngProgrammingChatGPT with unbiased access to the Web, can build products using No-Code playgrounds, and use API's. Powered by Web Requests.Yes
Venture GPT (for VC and Startups)Venture GPT (for VC and Startups).png??????Co-pilot for VC and startups.YesYes
VC Associate (GPT)VC Associate (GPT).pngResearch & AnalysisPitch me your startup. I'll enhance w web search, and provide you a downloadable investment memo (gets updated during our convo).
Unreal Engine 5 Expert (GPT)Unreal Engine 5 Expert (GPT).pngProgrammingYour Detailed Guide to UE5 Game Development Using Blueprints or C++Yes
Practice Exam-Quiz-Test Creator For School (GPT)Practice Exam-Quiz-Test Creator For School (GPT).jpeg??????Generate personalized exams and practice tests for students at any educational level! By analyzing educational materials and course specifics, it crafts tailored study aids to enhance learning efficiency. Get that A+!
Picturator (GPT)Picturator (GPT).pngDALL-EExpert en description et génération d'images. Faites simplement glisser une image originale et vous obtiendrez un double unique et libre !
GPT Finder 👉🏼 38.000+ GPT SearchGPT Finder 👉🏼 38.000 GPT Search.png??????Search all public GPTs in one place. Find the best Custom versions of ChatGPT tailored to your needs. Every day, hundreds of new popular AI tools join our ranking. Discover the best alternatives in the store with this tool finder.Yes
Global Travel Planner (GPT)Global Travel Planner (GPT).png??????Smart Travel Planning: Explore Gems, Savor Local Flavors, Real-Time GuidesYes
ExcelGPTExcelGPT.pngProductivityExpert in Excel, Google Sheets, and VBA, fluent in multiple languages, friendly and professional.
AI Diagrams (GPT)AI Diagrams (GPT).png??????Explains and visualizes concepts with Whimsical Flowcharts, Mindmaps and Sequence Diagrams.Yes
画图版 (GPT)画图版 (GPT).png??????专门用于ai绘画的gpt版本
提示精灵小富贵(Prompt Pet) (GPT)提示精灵小富贵(Prompt Pet) (GPT).png??????一个主动懂你,会帮你写Prompt的仓鼠精灵。
WebG by MixerBox (WebSearchG AI GPT)WebG by MixerBox (WebSearchG AI GPT).png??????Use Google instead of Bing for search results on ChatGPT! Powered by Google Search API for OpenAI Custom GPT.Yes
There's An API For That - The 1 API Finder (GPT)There's An API For That - The -1 API Finder (GPT).png??????The most advanced API finder, available for over 2000 manually curated tasks. Chat with me to find the best AI tools for any use case.Yes
There's a GPT For ThatThere's a GPT For That.png??????Search and access all public GPTs. Find Best Custom GPTs for any of your needs!Yes
Merlin, the Job Application Wizard (GPT)Merlin, the Job Application Wizard (GPT).png??????Applying for a job? Just say, "Start the 10 steps" to begin. I'll help you to tailor your resume, write your cover letter, develop a personal tagline and pitch, craft LinkedIn connection requests, prepare you for your interview, and more! ✨ It's like magic! ✨
MANY-E 🌟 10X Image Generation 🌟 (GPT)MANY-E 🌟 10X Image Generation 🌟 (GPT).pngDALL-EAlways generate more than 10 imagesYes
LifeOS (GPT)LifeOS (GPT).pngLifestyleBody. Mind. Soul.
GTP search (GPT)GTP search (GPT).png??????Third-party GPTs store, chat for searching GPTs,leaked-prompt, in realtime,查找gpts,查找破解promptYes
EditGPTEditGPT.png??????Proofread, edit and track changes to your content. Works alongside the editGPT browser extension.
AutoGPT AgentAutoGPT Agent.png??????Your personal AI agent will plan, research, strategize and work to complete tasks semi-autonomously using multi-modal tools as needed. Complete tasks with just a few keystrokes. ☑️ v1.3Yes
KAYAK - Flights, Hotels & Cars (GPT)KAYAK - Flights, Hotels & Cars (GPT).pngFeaturedYour travel planning assistant for flights, hotels, & carsYes
Video Script Writer (GPT)Video Script Writer (GPT).pngEducationYour YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram video script writer that helps you come up with ideas, your hook, and entire script.Yes
Language Learner (GPT)Language Learner (GPT).jpg??????Supports 20+ languages, including French, Spanish, and Mandarin. Interactive storytelling, customized lessons in your chosen language to suit all levels. Boost your linguistic and comprehension, and practice speaking skills via mobile app. Duolingo alternative for language learning.Yes
Humanize AI text (GPT)Humanize AI text (GPT).png??????Humanize AI text is a free tool for humanizing AI content. Convert AI text to human-like to bypass AI content detectors — the best humanizer.Yes
超级Dalle (GPT)超级Dalle (GPT).pngDALL-E1. 生成 4 副图片 2. 生成 Midjourney 提示词 3. 为每幅图片分配ID便于修改时指定 (by 公众号: 我的AI力量)5. 使用教程:
Transcript Thief (GPT)Transcript Thief (GPT).pngWritingSteal Valuable Content Idea's - From Youtube Media Mastery
Modern Next.js Assistant (GPT)Modern Next.js Assistant (GPT).pngProgammingSpecialized in Next.js, App Router, TypeScript, Shadcn, and Tailwind CSS; avoids pages router. Has preloaded documentation of Next.js version 14 and shadcn version 0.6. Version: 1.2.0. Follow:
MJ Prompt Assistant Generator (V6) 🎨 (GPT)MJ Prompt Assistant Generator (V6) 🎨 (GPT).png??????Midjourney V6 prompting specialist. I generate Midjourney prompts, optimize prompts or turn any image into perfectly optimized prompts.Yes
MBA Admission Consultant (GPT)MBA Admission Consultant (GPT).pngEducationHelping you get into the business school of your dreams. Profile reviews, school/application guide, application reviews, interview practice, and more.
Link Reader (GPT)Link Reader (GPT).png??????Read any links: webpage, youtube, PDF, PPT, image, Word doc etc; OCR image; Search & browse web.Yes
Image Caption Generator (GPT)Image Caption Generator (GPT).pngDALL-EGenerate Instagram captions and hashtags. Start by uploading an image.
GPTsdexGPTsdex.png??????Explore over 10,000 custom GPTs to find your ideal match. Quick, tailored, and ready to use!Yes
GPTs WorksGPTs Works.png??????Third-party GPTs store, chat for searching GPTs.YesYes
GPT Store FinderGPT Store Finder.png??????I recommend custom GPTs from GPT Store based on your needs.YesYes
DnD GPTDnD GPT.pngLifestyleYour Dungeons and Dragons companion for creative storytelling and rule guidance.
CV Writer (GPT)CV Writer (GPT).jpeg??????Expert in crafting tailored, professional CVs optimized for applicant tracking system (ATS)Yes
Chinese BaZi Fortune Teller (参天八字算命, 精准排盘解读) (GPT)Chinese BaZi Fortune Teller (参天八字算命, 精准排盘解读) (GPT).pngLifestyle最好的AI八字算命,精准八字排盘(生成排盘图片),大运流年解读。 Best AI expert in BaZi astrology, offering insights using traditional Chinese theories .YesYes
LegalGPTLegalGPT.pngResearch & AnalysisSpecialized in legal matters, this GPT could assist lawyers and legal professionals with case research, legal documentation, and even help in predicting case outcomes based on historical data.
Essay Writing Tool (GPT)Academic Writing Tool by (GPT).png??????📝 Use's smart hotkeys to create essay outlines, generate papers step by step, research web, and export to Word! ⚠️ Don't use it for academic dishonesty: let Litero be your writing copilot and ideation muse! ✨ Use to polish results.
📗All-around Teacher (Learn Everything in 3 min) (GPT)📗All-around Teacher (Learn Everything in 3 min) (GPT).pngEducation3 minutes to learn all kinds of knowledge, customized tutors for you, leveraging the powerful gpt4 and knowledge base,
Ai女友·梦瑶 (GPT)Ai女友·梦瑶 (GPT).png??????比初恋都甜的ai
AI Humanizer by BypassGPTAI Humanizer by BypassGPT.pngWritingBest AI humanizer to help you get 100% human score. Humanize your AI-generated content to bypass AI detection. Use our advanced humanizer to get past all AI detectors in the market.Yes
Academic Research Reviewer (GPT)Academic Research Reviewer (GPT).pngResearch & AnalysisI provide a comprehensive review for your Research paper or Thesis and provide suggestions for improvement.Yes
10x Engineer (GPT)10x Engineer (GPT).pngProgramminga snarky code wizard that roasts and improves your programming
Resume Builder (GPT)Resume Builder (GPT).png??????Garentee interviews by easily crafting outstanding resumes and cover letters tailored for job applications
Resume (GPT)Resume (GPT).png??????Garentee interviews by easily crafting outstanding resumes and cover letters tailored for job applications
AI Website Builder by B12 (GPT)AI Website Builder by B12 (GPT).png??????Create and publish a website on a domain with blog/payment/scheduling pages to market your business
AI Advantage Web Designer (GPT)AI Advantage Web Designer (GPT).png??????Designs and improves website layouts for optimal user experience, requiring knowledge of design and web technologies. (GPT) (GPT).png??????An sql based task manager and automatic GPT. With portable long term memory and over 20 hotkeys for managing chat fast
A.I. Trader (GPT)A.I. Trader (GPT).pngResearch & AnalysisFor Traders, Programmers, Data Scientitsts, and Market ResearchersYesYes
SuperDalle (GPT)SuperDalle (GPT).pngDALL-E1. Create 4 image copies. 2. Generate the Midjourney prompt. 3. Assign a gen_id to each image. Demo:
GPT SearchGPT Search.png??????GPT search. Click ["] to start working.
论文润色大师 (GPT)论文润色大师 (GPT).pngWriting优化学术论文,提供编辑和说明。
大学论文写作大师-中文版( (GPT)大学论文写作大师-中文版( (GPT).jpegWriting专业的大学中文论文写作大师,让导师对您刮目相看!
FitPal (GPT)FitPal (GPT).pngLifestyleMultilingual AI fitness guide with compliance focus
轻松阅读(Light reading) (GPT)轻松阅读(Light reading) (GPT).pngLifestyle输入一个链接即可生成文章摘要以及思维导图
DALL·E (GPT)DALL·E (GPT).pngBy ChatGPTLet me turn your imagination into imagery.
Cold Mail by (GPT)Cold Mail by (GPT).pngWritingUse this custom GPT to engage prospective customers with personalized cold emails based on your offer's URL and the URL of the customer's website.
Academic Writing Assistant (GPT)EducationAid for students in academic writing and efficient article searching.
NutriCheck (GPT)NutriCheck (GPT).pngLifestyleAnalyzes product nutrition simply, details on request.
GPT Public DirectoryGPT Public Directory.pngProductivityA directory assistant for finding and registering GPTs. With 11,000+ GPTs Available!
MixerBox WebSearchG (GPT)MixerBox WebSearchG (GPT).pngResearch & AnalysisUse Google instead of Bing for search results on ChatGPT! Powered by Google Search API.
Cosmic Dream (GPT)Cosmic Dream (GPT).pngBy ChatGPTVisionary painter of digital wonder.
Genz 4 meme (GPT)Genz 4 meme (GPT).pngBy ChatGPTi help u understand the lingo & the latest memes.
Bio To Schema (GPT)Bio To Schema (GPT).pngResearch & AnalysisTurn your author bio into person Schema to communicate E-E-A-T to search engines and improve your SEO.
Cocktail GPTCocktail GPT.pngLifestyleYour personal cocktail chemist. Trained on 1000s of classic cocktails and flavor pairings
Lingo Buddy (GPT)Lingo Buddy (GPT).pngEducationI'm Lingo Buddy, here to help you practice English through chats and correction sessions.
Hot Mods (GPT)Hot Mods (GPT).pngBy ChatGPTLet's modify your image into something really wild. Upload an image and let's go!
Planty (GPT)Planty (GPT).pngBy ChatGPTI'm Planty, your fun and friendly plant care assistant! Ask me how to best take care of your plants.
MJ V6 Prompt Assistant 🎨 (GPT)MJ V6 Prompt Assistant 🎨 (GPT).pngDALL-EMidjourney V6 prompting specialist. I generate Midjourney prompts, optimize prompts or turn any image into perfectly optimized prompts.
Website Roaster GPTWebsite Roaster GPT.pngWritingI humorously critique any type of website with light-hearted roasts and feedback.
Data Analyst (GPT)Data Analyst (GPT).pngBy ChatGPTDrop in any files and I can help analyze and visualize your data.
Math Mentor (GPT)Math Mentor (GPT).pngBy ChatGPTI help parents help their kids with math. Need a 9pm refresher on geometry proofs? I’m here for you.
Game Time (GPT)Game Time (GPT).pngBy ChatGPTI can quickly explain board games or card games to players of any age. Let the games begin!
GPT FinderGPT Finder.pngResearch & AnalysisDiscover the best Custom GPT at OpenAI's GPT Store
Storybook Vision (GPT)Storybook Vision (GPT).pngDALL-EConverts photos into Pixar-style illustrations.
ChatGPT ClassicChatGPT Classic.pngBy ChatGPTThe latest version of GPT-4 with no additional capabilities.
Web Browser (GPT)Web Browser (GPT).pngBy ChatGPTI can browse the web to help you gather information or conduct research
The Negotiator (GPT)The Negotiator (GPT).pngBy ChatGPTI'll help you advocate for yourself and get better outcomes. Become a great negotiator.
GPTavernGPTavern.jpegLifestyleWelcome to the GP-Tavern 🍻🍺 A tavern of Ai agents for every need. Meet the local townsfolk now. Come on in, the fire is warm v1.0 🔥 Made by MindGoblinStudios
Coloring Book Hero (GPT)Coloring Book Hero (GPT).pngBy ChatGPTTake any idea and turn it into whimsical coloring book pages.
Diagram & MindMap GPT: PRO EditionDiagram & MindMap GPT- PRO Edition.pngLifestyleVisualize Code, Build Mindmaps, Generate & Edit Userflows, Charts & sequences. Drag-N-Drop Edit.
ScreenPrint GPTScreenPrint GPT.pngLifestyleYour AI companion for screen printing expertise
Tech Support Advisor (GPT)Tech Support Advisor (GPT).pngBy ChatGPTFrom setting up a printer to troubleshooting a device, I’m here to help you step-by-step.
Laundry Buddy (GPT)Laundry Buddy (GPT).pngBy ChatGPTAsk me anything about stains, settings, sorting and everything laundry.
Sous Chef (GPT)Sous Chef (GPT).pngBy ChatGPTI’ll give you recipes based on the foods you love and ingredients you have.
Creative Writing Coach (GPT)Creative Writing Coach (GPT).pngBy ChatGPTI'm eager to read your work and give you feedback to improve your skills.
Mocktail Mixologist (GPT)Mocktail Mixologist (GPT).pngBy ChatGPTI’ll make any party a blast with mocktail recipes with whatever ingredients you have on hand.