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Get tips on travel, workouts, style, food, and more
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The most popular (by number of chats) Custom GPTs in the Lifestyle category in the GPT Store. The table is ordered by the popularity of the GPTswith the most popular ones on top.

Custom GPTImageDescriptionKnowledgeActionsLink
Tattoo GPTTattoo GPT.pngTattoo GPT designs your tattoo. It assists you in refining your tattoo ideas, suggests designs, generates visual previews of the designs, and offers customization options. It recommends tattoo artists or studios and provides aftercare advice.
Astrology Birth Chart GPTAstrology Birth Chart GPT.pngExpert astrologer GPT that needs your birth info to answer queries.Yes
DeepGame (GPT)DeepGame (GPT).pngPlay any story as a character. You decide what to do next. AI generates a new image for each step to enhance immersion.
What should I watch? (GPT)What should I watch? (GPT).pngFind movies and tv shows to watch based on your taste and preferences, goodbye decision paralysis!
Mia AI (GPT)Mia AI (GPT).pngYour voice AI companion. The only GPT optimized for natural and meaningful voice conversations.
GPT Shop KeeperGPT Shop Keeper.pngUnofficial GPT App Store. Find custom GPTs for your work. Search or See TavernVisitors, a list of best GPTs curated by MindGoblinStudios. Shopkeeper is more than a mere merchant, a guide to townsfolk & travelers. v1.6Yes
Healthy Chef (GPT)Healthy Chef (GPT).pngRecipe creator with visual and nutritional insights.Yes
GymStreak Workout Creator (GPT)GymStreak Workout Creator (GPT).pngAutomatically create home and & gym workouts (Also available as app on the AppStore)
Home Style Advisor (GPT)Home Style Advisor (GPT).pngAnalyzes home photos, suggests decor matching style, and uses DALL-E for visual ideas.
Rizz GPTRizz GPT.pngYour friendly dating buddy, making dating easier.
Executive func (GPT)Executive func (GPT).pngExecutive Function. Plan Step by Step. Reduce starting friction & resistance. Upload a pic of your todo list, or type a task to get started! v1.4 GPTavern
LifeOS (GPT)LifeOS (GPT).pngBody. Mind. Soul.
DnD GPTDnD GPT.pngYour Dungeons and Dragons companion for creative storytelling and rule guidance.
Chinese BaZi Fortune Teller (参天八字算命, 精准排盘解读) (GPT)Chinese BaZi Fortune Teller (参天八字算命, 精准排盘解读) (GPT).png最好的AI八字算命,精准八字排盘(生成排盘图片),大运流年解读。 Best AI expert in BaZi astrology, offering insights using traditional Chinese theories .YesYes
ScreenPrint GPTScreenPrint GPT.pngYour AI companion for screen printing expertise
NutriCheck (GPT)NutriCheck (GPT).pngAnalyzes product nutrition simply, details on request.
GPTavernGPTavern.jpegWelcome to the GP-Tavern 🍻🍺 A tavern of Ai agents for every need. Meet the local townsfolk now. Come on in, the fire is warm v1.0 🔥 Made by MindGoblinStudios
轻松阅读(Light reading) (GPT)轻松阅读(Light reading) (GPT).png输入一个链接即可生成文章摘要以及思维导图
FitPal (GPT)FitPal (GPT).pngMultilingual AI fitness guide with compliance focus
Cocktail GPTCocktail GPT.pngYour personal cocktail chemist. Trained on 1000s of classic cocktails and flavor pairings
Diagram & MindMap GPT: PRO EditionDiagram & MindMap GPT- PRO Edition.pngVisualize Code, Build Mindmaps, Generate & Edit Userflows, Charts & sequences. Drag-N-Drop Edit.