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PluginImageModelRelease DateDescriptionAvailableWorking
3 Sentence Service (ChatGPT Plugin)3 Sentence Service.pngGPT-4June 4, 2023Managing a three-sentence service. You can add, remove, view, and invoke your 3 sentence services.YesYes
AI Agents (ChatGPT Plugin)AI Agents.pngGPT-4May 31, 2023Unleashing the power of multiple AIs: One goal, limitless productivity.YesYes
Ai PDF (ChatGPT Plugin)Ai PDF.pngGPT-4June 11, 2023Super-fast, interactive chats with PDFs of any size, complete with page references for fact-checking.YesYes
AskYourPDF (ChatGPT Plugin)AskYourPDF.pngGPT-4May 20, 2023Unlock the power of your PDFs!, dive into your documents, find answers, and bring information to your fingertips.YesYes
Bardeen (ChatGPT Plugin)Bardeen.pngGPT-4May 31, 2023Create and run automations on the most popular web services.YesYes
BuildBetter (ChatGPT Plugin)BuildBetter.pngGPT-4June 10, 2023Chat with the knowledge of all your calls in BuildBetter (Zoom, GMeet, Webex) for free.YesYes
CSV Export (ChatGPT Plugin)CSV Export.jpegGPT-4June 18, 2023Create and export custom CSV layouts in a flash.YesYes
Calculator (ChatGPT Plugin)Calculator.pngGPT-4June 11, 2023Execute formulas and return results.YesYes
Chat With Workspace (ChatGPT Plugin)Chat With Workspace.pngGPT-4June 11, 2023Chat with your Notion workspace using Chat With Workspace.YesYes
ChatOCR (ChatGPT Plugin)ChatOCR.pngGPT-4June 11, 2023The best way to read text from any document. Extract text from scanned PDFs, photos, and even handwriting.YesYes
ChatWithPDF (ChatGPT Plugin)ChatWithPDF.pngGPT-4May 22, 2023Plugin for asking questions, analyzing, and parsing through PDF documents by simply providing a PDF URL.YesYes
Converter App (ChatGPT Plugin)Converter App.jpegGPT-4June 14, 2023Convert currencies or files like images and videos from web links and Google Drive to other formats, or work withYesYes
Create a QR code (ChatGPT Plugin)Create a QR code.pngGPT-4June 4, 2023Create a QR code for any text or URL.YesYes
Email by Nylas (ChatGPT Plugin)Email by Nylas.jpgGPT-4June 9, 2023Connect with any email provider and engage with your email data seamlessly.YesYes
Export Chat (ChatGPT Plugin)Export Chat.pngGPT-4June 11, 2023Export your conversation or specific parts of your conversation.YesYes
Export to PDF (ChatGPT Plugin)Export to PDF.pngGPT-4June 19, 2023Export your AI chat history or responses to a stylized PDF document/text for easy file sharing.YesYes
Glowing (ChatGPT Plugin)Glowing.pngGPT-4May 20, 2023Schedule and send daily SMS messages - reminders, inspiration, helpers and more.YesYes
Link Reader (ChatGPT Plugin)Link Reader.pngGPT-4May 20, 2023Reads the content of all kinds of links, like webpage, PDF, PPT, image, Word & other docs.YesYes
MixerBox ChatPDF (ChatGPT Plugin)MixerBox ChatPDF.pngGPT-4June 11, 2023Summarize and analyze PDF files.YesYes
PDF Exporter (ChatGPT Plugin)PDF Exporter.pngGPT-4June 4, 2023Export any chat response into a stylized PDF document.YesYes
Paxi AI (ChatGPT Plugin)Paxi AI.pngGPT-4May 31, 2023Let AI tools speed up your tasks! Make it easy to find the right tool for the task.YesYes
QR Generator (ChatGPT Plugin)QR Generator.pngGPT-4June 11, 2023Generate a QR code in seconds.YesYes
Questmate Forms (ChatGPT Plugin)Questmate Forms.pngGPT-4May 31, 2023Create forms, checklists, and workflows (we call 'em Quests!) directly from ChatGPT.YesYes
Reflect Notes (ChatGPT Plugin)Reflect Notes.pngGPT-4June 4, 2023Creates a Reflect note.YesYes
Reminders (ChatGPT Plugin)Reminders.pngGPT-4June 11, 2023Add, remove, list and tag reminders.YesYes
Text Count (ChatGPT Plugin)Text Count.jpegGPT-4June 16, 2023Count the number of words and characters in a text.YesYes
TickTick (ChatGPT Plugin)TickTick.pngGPT-4June 11, 2023TickTick for managing a TODO list. You can add, remove, and view your TODOs.YesYes
TimeMachine (ChatGPT Plugin)TimeMachine.pngGPT-4June 4, 2023Enhances AI with real-time awareness, providing current time in various formats and timezones.YesYes
TimeNavi (ChatGPT Plugin)TimeNavi.jpegGPT-4June 16, 2023Interact with your calendar. Analyze and create events, understand and plan your time better.YesYes
Zapier (ChatGPT Plugin)Zapier.pngGPT-4May 20, 2023Interact with over 5,000+ apps like Google Sheets, Gmail, HubSpot, Salesforce, and thousands more.YesYes