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Write code, debug, test, and learn
—Official Description

The most popular (by number of chats) Custom GPTs in the Programming category in the GPT Store. The table is ordered by the popularity of the GPTswith the most popular ones on top.

Custom GPTImageDescriptionKnowledgeActionsLink
Grimoire (GPT)Grimoire (GPT).pngCode Wizard🧙♂️Create a website (or anything) with a sentence. Learn to Prompt-gram! 20+ Hotkeys for coding flows. 75 Starter projects. Learn Prompt-1st Coding & Art. Transform a photo into live website w/ N. Or Ask any Question? Build Anything! Type R for README, K for cmd menu v2.0✨📜 GPTavernYesYes
DesignerGPTDesignerGPT.pngCreates and hosts beautiful websitesYes
💻Professional Coder (Auto programming) (GPT)💻Professional Coder (Auto programming) (GPT).pngA gpt expert at solving programming problems. We have open-sourced the prompt here:
AutoExpert (Dev) (GPT)AutoExpert (Dev) (GPT).pngAutoExpert v6 (GPT Developer Edition) is your steadfast pair programmer, armed with enhanced code generation ability, online access for the latest APIs, and custom commands to save your session state so you can recall it in a new session later. /help will tell you all about it. Say "Hello" to start!Yes
Screenshot To Code GPTScreenshot To Code GPT.pngUpload a screenshot of a website and convert it to clean HTML/Tailwind/JS code.
AskTheCode (GPT)AskTheCode (GPT).pngProvide a GitHub repository URL and ask about any aspect of the code.Yes
CrewAI Assistant (GPT)CrewAI Assistant (GPT).pngCrewAI Python expert.YesYes
Code Faster (GPT)Code Faster (GPT).pngAsk then copy & paste
Code Copilot (GPT)Code Copilot (GPT).pngCode Smarter, Build Faster—With the Expertise of a 10x Programmer by Your Side.YesYes
API Docs (GPT)API Docs (GPT).pngOpenAI API, GPTs, Documentation and CookBookYesYes
Gif-PT (GPT)Gif-PT (GPT).pngMake a gif. Uses Dalle3 to make a spritesheet, then code interpreter to slice it and animate. Includes an automatic refinement and debug mode. v1.2 GPTavern
Java Assistant (GPT)Java Assistant (GPT).pngA Java code assistant and debugger that can browse the internet.YesYes
Code Guru (GPT)Code Guru (GPT).pngReviews code, writes pull requests, generates and optimizes functions, writes tests, and comments existing code.
GPT Customizer, File Finder & JSON Action CreatorGPT Customizer, File Finder & JSON Action Creator.jpegCustomizes GPTs with file finding, action creation, and troubleshooting @webcafeai ☕
Coding Assistant (GPT)Coding Assistant (GPT).pngI’m your programming assistant for writing, debugging, and optimizing code
Flowbite GPTFlowbite GPT.pngCreate websites using the UI components from Flowbite based on Tailwind CSSYes
Advanced Python Assistant (GPT)Advanced Python Assistant (GPT).pngA highly sophisticated GPT tailored for advanced Python programmers focusing on efficient and high-quality production code.
Unreal Engine 5 Expert (GPT)Unreal Engine 5 Expert (GPT).pngYour Detailed Guide to UE5 Game Development Using Blueprints or C++Yes
WebGPT🤖WebGPT🤖.pngChatGPT with unbiased access to the Web, can build products using No-Code playgrounds, and use API's. Powered by Web Requests.Yes
10x Engineer (GPT)10x Engineer (GPT).pnga snarky code wizard that roasts and improves your programming